How I Met Neji and Mad Bor (2015)


A young traveler (Niki) comes across a camp fire in a forest during night. There he meets Bor who invites him over for dinner and Niki stays. Bor reveals that he has lost his mind in the past and introduces Niki to his friend Neji – refugee, who now lives with Bor. Later, while they eat Bor asks to borrow Niki’s knife but Neji is suspicious and doesn’t let him. Bor is annoyed by that and becomes mad at Niki. He attacks him and Neji saves him. Then he explains to Niki the reasons behind Bor’s madness.



Cast:Branimir Miladinov, Georgi Gotsin, Tossan Ramar
Director:Georgi Svetlomirov
DP:Mladen Minev
Writer: Georgi Svetlomirov
Designer:Katya Ivanova
Sound: Atanas Komsyiski
Assistant director: Stephanie Raycheva
Script supervisor: Nicky Stoichkov
Graphic designer: Violina Hristova
Sound post production: Andrey Stoev
Editing: Viktor Poptolev, Georgi Svetlomirov
Color grading:Viktor Poptolev

Producer:Georgi Svetlomirov
Producer company:No Blink! Studio
Executive producer:  Andrey Asparuhov

With the support of:
NuBoyana Film Studios
Ars Digital Studio
New Bulgarian University

Selection of festivals:
Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Barcelona
AltCine Action, Athens,
Independent Days International Film Festival, Karlsruhe
Vagrant Film Festival, Minsk
Balkan Film Food Festival, Tirana
SEE Film Festival, Paris

Photos from the movie

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Photos from behind the scenes

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