Morning coffee (2015)

An unnamed man poured his coffee, add milk and sugar, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, puts on his hat and coat and leaves without saying anything and without looking narrator, narrator takes his head in his hands and crying. The narrator is a woman. The morning routine in coffee drinking became a radical event.

Genre: Drama

Cast: Iveta Grigorova-Zankova, Ventsislav Zankov
Director: Ventsislav Zankov
DP: Andrey Asparuhov
Writer: Jacques Prévert, Ventsislav Zankov
Designer: Ventsislav Zankov
Sound: Ventsislav Zankov
Compositing and color correction: George Svetlomirov
Assistant director: Antonia Miltcheva
Logistics: Andrei Asparuhov

Producer: Ventsislav Zankov
Producer company: No Blink! Studio

Supported by:
NBU university