What’s The Purpose of Bread? (2015)

Miss Marta (middle age) owns a small shop in Aldomirovtsi village, near Sofia in Bulgaria. Miss Marta’s daily routine was monotonous having one and the same costumers, who have passed her age long ago.

A mаn, obviously younger than the rest of the customers, started coming to the shop. The newcomer always buys old bread and every time counts his change thoroughly, which gets Miss Marta interested in him and she decides that she is going to win him by putting grease in the bread.
Will their love become a fairytale or the striving of Miss Marta to win his heart will crush her world?

Genre: Comedy

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Cast: Marta Vachkova, Georgi Kolev
Secondary actors: Aunt Katya, Kostadin Sultov
Director: Nicky Stoichkov
Assistant director: Antonia Milcheva, Georgi Svetlomirov
Operator: Blagovest- Botsko
Assistant operator: Andrey Asparuhov
Writer: Nicky Stoichkov (based on O.Henry’s tale)
Script supervisor: Gerorgi Svetlomirov
Designer: Jeneta Ivanova, Violina Hristova
Sound: Branimir Miladinov, Georgi Tsvetkov
Flap: Simona Georgieva
Producer: Nicky Stoichkov
Producer company: NoBlink! Studio
Executive producer (company): Yordanka Bogdanova (NoBlink! Studio)
Artistic team: Master class of prof. Dyulgerov

Filming Locations: Aldomirovtsi village


With the support of:
SOFIA MEL-PMS pr_bg_pantone1 logo_ars_0 nu_boyana_film_studios-1 nbu1  r-568-213-vbox7-logo

EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL (Mainstream & Underground), Best Actress, Moscow, 2016


Селекция на фестивали:
The Transilvania Shorts 2016 Spring Edition, Targu Mures – official selection, 2016
Международен фестивал за ново европейско кино „Златната липа“ 2016, Стара Загора 2016
„Джобен фестивал“, София – пролет 2016
„Euro Fest“ European International Film Festival 2016 – official selection
International Festival of Cinema Dopao 2016
Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Semi-Finalist, 2016
Златна Роза, състезателна програма, Варна 2016
Смешен Филм Фест, Габрово 2016
Comedy Cluj International Film Festival, Romania 2016
EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL (Mainstream & Underground), Moscow 2016
So Independent Film Festival, Sofia 2016
IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, 2016
International Student Film Festival “NEW WAVE”, 2017

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